Hurricane Flashes

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Hurricane flashing instructions

These Flashes have amazing throttle response and low boost power. All Flashes include knock protection and the option for cluster on boost display. We have everything that you’ll need to dramatically increase the HP of your sled!

*Guide to choosing Hurricane Flashes in description bellow*



To transfer ANY Hurricane flash files to your sleds ECU you will require a Hurricane Flash Communicator. Contact a dealer near you using our Dealer Locator or purchase one here – Hurricane Flash Communicator – Hurricane Performance

*Add a 3 bar map sensor when getting ANY of our flashes and receive the Super Spool version!

         SM = Stock Muffler   PM = Performance Muffler
225 – entry level flash, no modifications required ( SM only )
240 – Requires: Clutch Arms (recommended add a 3 bar map sensor and get the Super Spool version)
270 – Requires: Clutch Arms – BOV  (recommended add a 3 bar map sensor and get the Super Spool version)
285 – Requires: Header – Clutch Arms – BOV – 3 Bar Map sensor – 93 octane ( SM only )
290 – Requires: Clutch Arms – BOV – Stock 2 Bar Map Sensor – 93 octane ( PM only )
300 – Requires: Clutch Arms – BOV – 3 Bar Map Sensor – 93 octane ( PM only )
Bundle – Requires: Cluster Flash – Clutch Arms – BOV – 3 Bar Map Sensor

NEW 310HP FLASH also available as a bundle (240,270,310) and includes required hardware for actuator adjustment – requires: Clutch Arms – BOV – 3 Bar Map Sensor – Cluster Flash (to switch between tunes on dash)     

Find required hardware kits for running these flashes here Hurricane Flash Hardware Kit

CLUSTER FLASH available here Hurricane Cluster Flash 

Find for  Performance Mufflers
For better mid-range & ultimate throttle response – Hurricane Header

The Hurricane 240hp tune is our most fuel efficient tune. The Closed Loop System will insure that you get the best fuel mileage at all times. AFR Module and Closed Loop flash is required

325HP  ULTIMATE trail riding power package Hurricane Race Trail Power Kit

350HP plus+ take a look at our Hurricane Turbo Tech Kit FULL package


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