Hurricane 900 ACE Launch Control

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The Hurricane Launch Control for the 900 ACE Turbo’d  sled is completely plug & play! The Hurricane Launch Control system is stealthy and friendly on the engine. With RPM adjust-ability you have control of your Launch setup. The Hurricane Launch Control system must be used on sleds with Hurricane flashes only. All Hurricane flashes prior to Sept.15, 2021 will need to be upgraded to be compatible to work with the Hurricane Launch Control system After Sept.15, 2021, the flashes are automatically compatible with no upgrade required.

The Hurricane Launch Control System can be installed to activate by applying the brake lever or with the purchase of the Hurricane Launch Control button (sold separately, link bellow)

Purchase Hurricane Launch Control Button here:

INSTRUCTION: Plug coil connectors into engine coils and harness connectors. Re route the connector ground wire around the back side of coil to extend the wire length. Test brake light wires at connector in picture for power when the brake light comes on. Fasten the blue wire from launch system to that wire for brake actuator, *as indicated in picture. Locate module as desired and fasten.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in


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