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To use our Hurricane Gear Calculator, fill in the fields below with appropriate information. Then click on the Calculate button when you are finished.

Tach RPM:
Clutch Gear Reduction:
Clutch Ratio:
Top Sprocket:
Bottom Sprocket:
Track Pitch:
Number Of Driver Teeth:
* If the RX-1 use 1.1935
* For the EFI Genesis Engines, use 1.2333
* All others use 1.00


** When it is Non-Overdrive use 1.00
** If Overdrive Ski Doo use .85
** For Overdrive Yamaha, Cat, or Polaris use .90


*** All Sleds Except M Series Arctic Cat use 2.52
*** M Series Cat is 3.0 Pitch or you have switched to 3.0 Pitch Drivers
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